Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A picture is worth a few words

And I am going to expound on the picture in this template with a few words myself. If you look at the side, you will see a road. As you look at the header, you see that the road leads into the mountains. To me this was a good picture of this journey to better health that Steve and I are taking together. Here are some of the key points to me:
1. It is a journey (or process) that will take time.
2. The climb will get rough in places.
3. There will be peaks and valleys - or even plateaus.
4. The journey is taking us to a better place with a healthier view (of ourselves and the world).

As for the title of the blog, "Do or do not ... there is no try." This is a quote from Yoda, which Steve likes to use on me often. I do tend to get discouraged and make excuses for myself, so I am trying to remind myself that I have a choice to make when it comes to this journey. I may be limited by bronchitis, but it doesn't mean that the journey has to come to a standstill.

So, today I made the choice to walk for 30 minutes before starting my shopping at Costco - wearing my Payless version of "fitness" sneakers (the kind with the rocking sole that are supposed to do wonders for all sorts of things on one's body). My leg muscles do seem to be feeling it tonight, too. I will probably continue with that sort of exercise for a few more days until the bronchitis clears up. Unfortunately the steroids for the bronchitis are making me more hungry. I am working on choosing healthier snacks, but that is an ongoing struggle! In general, I don't crave the sweets as much anymore, but every now and then the cravings hit me full on. I seem to be in one of those periods right now. I think I need to buy some more fruit for the house - pronto!

Here's to healthy choices with a healthy goal in reach!

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