Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A new picture ...

Unfortunately, the latest picture of me is not very flattering, so I will not be adding it here. Instead, I am referring to a new picture for this blog. The message is still mostly the same - traveling a road. This pic doesn't show the mountains and valleys that are in the distance. In fact, it doesn't show a destination at all. Does that mean something? Hmmm ... I am still not sure about that. I am trying a different template to see if the updates will show up on my blog list on my family blog now. But I do like this picture.

Unlike the beautiful blue skies in this picture, I have had a stormy few days. I found a new thyroid doctor, and overall I am very pleased with him. He tested more things in my blood than I think I have had tested at one time - ever. He said everything looked good (even though I feel l like something is wrong somewhere in my body), except for my T3. There is a drug that is a synthetic T3, which I have never been prescribed before. (Apparently it is very "controversial" in endocrinology circles. Some people love it and others say it is unnecessary.) He put me on the lowest dose. Instead of giving me instant energy it made me sleep! And I was more irritable. And my heart rhythms seemed faster. And it made me itchy. And I couldn't sleep at night. And it made my brain fog worse. Basically, it made everything worse. Not what I was cheerily anticipating on Thursday. After consulting the doctor/nurses yesterday I am taking the med every other day now. I feel so much better today! Granted, not better than before I started taking this med, but better since I began taking it. I also did some research online yesterday, and some people reported worsening of symptoms for a week, and then improvement. I hope that is what happens with me!

I heard about a workout program from some friends at church last Thursday. I was wanting to start it this week, but since I have been so sleepy that hasn't happened. This is a program that works you up to running gradually. I have always been a walker, not a runner. Even walking I sometimes get shin splints. I am interested in trying this program since it builds up your bones and muscles to be able to run. As Steve reminds me, running burns more calories. And it seems to have given Kate Gosselin beautiful abs.

I am not sure how the diet is going. I seem to be doing okay during the day, but then (with this new med) I get really hungry right before bed. The first couple of nights I ate way too much. I have gotten a little better at putting some food in a bowl and eating just that amount, but it is still too much, I think. I am trying to eat a little to take off the hunger edge so that I can sleep, but I need to get better at portion control.

I tried to cut back on my iced coffees, but that didn't go so well, either. The past few days I have been drinking hot coffee, because it is quicker. I do think that I have consumed less coffee over the past week or so, but I have not gotten down to the level that I would like to be at. (Being tired makes me want to drink more coffee, too.)

So, not such a great week or two, but there is still time for this week to get better. I really hope that it does!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Moving in the right direction

When it comes to getting healthy any movement is in the right direction ... right?!?

I have been getting more movement (and exercise) in this week, although it has been in unique ways. One day I took the kids to the water park. One day I cleaned house (vigorously so that it was a workout). One day I picked blueberries. (Scoff at that if you will, but one of my arms is really sore from that). Today I took a walk with the family, but I am not sure how long it lasted. That is definitely an improvement over the last few weeks!

I realized that after a little trip out of town I had broken my soda fast way too many times. I managed to resist the sodas better this week. Unfortunately, I have also been drinking too many iced coffees in a day (homemade, but still not so good for the body). By the end of this week, I can say that I am doing better in that regard, too.

I am glad to say that I was able to recognize my destructive behaviors, and take steps to stop them. Unfortunately those iced coffees are still calling my name. I think I need more self-discipline, more prayers, more water ... but probably not more coffee. Until the morning. ;-)