Sunday, July 4, 2010

Moving in the right direction

When it comes to getting healthy any movement is in the right direction ... right?!?

I have been getting more movement (and exercise) in this week, although it has been in unique ways. One day I took the kids to the water park. One day I cleaned house (vigorously so that it was a workout). One day I picked blueberries. (Scoff at that if you will, but one of my arms is really sore from that). Today I took a walk with the family, but I am not sure how long it lasted. That is definitely an improvement over the last few weeks!

I realized that after a little trip out of town I had broken my soda fast way too many times. I managed to resist the sodas better this week. Unfortunately, I have also been drinking too many iced coffees in a day (homemade, but still not so good for the body). By the end of this week, I can say that I am doing better in that regard, too.

I am glad to say that I was able to recognize my destructive behaviors, and take steps to stop them. Unfortunately those iced coffees are still calling my name. I think I need more self-discipline, more prayers, more water ... but probably not more coffee. Until the morning. ;-)

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