Sunday, June 27, 2010

I may be eating at this hour, but at least it's almonds

That does make it better, right? Please say yes!

Well, last week was the much-anticipated wedding weekend! We all traveled to Tyler where the boys and I got be in a wedding for our good friend. I was a little scared to put the dress on the day of the wedding, because it was a little tight when I got it back form the alterations. I hadn't really worked out a lot in the meantime, like I had planned, so I was nervous. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the dress fit really well! I didn't have bulges sticking out of the dress, and it didn't come down (since it was strapless). I actually felt very comfortable in it.

Of course, being out of town for the weekend - and for a celebration - meant that I didn't stick to my diet. I had gotten better about the number of iced coffees I drank in a day and I hadn't had soda in a while. That changed after last weekend. By the end of this week I was getting some better about my eating choices, though.

I am looking forward to playing in the pool with the boys this week more, too. That was about the only exercise I had really gotten before the wedding - and beating the stores to find new clothes, too. ;-) Anyway, last week we started swim lessons and the boys just weren't behaving that well. This week we already have plans for 2 playdates at the pool, so I am looking forward to getting more activity in at those playdates.

I also have found a new endocrinologist that I will be visiting for the first time this week. I think that my levels are quite off again, and that might be contributing to some of the weight loss. I am hoping that this doctor will be better, and that I can get my thyroid levels back on track. I am looking forward to a promising week!

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