Monday, June 7, 2010

No time for stagnation

A lot has been going on, and unfortunately my fitness plan was not one of those things.

I was trying to remain steady until after I got my bridesmaid dress back, so that I could see if I could lose any inches before the wedding while not losing my dress during the wedding (or reception). I got the dress back and found out I could still lose a little before the wedding and be okay. It would be nice if I could decide exactly where those inches were going to be lost, but that's not how it works with me.

However, the past few weeks have been a flurry of other activity*, and I put the plan on the back burner. I was still trying to be moderate with my eating on most days, but exercise just wasn't happening regularly. I might have snuck a few inches back on, but if I am very good the next two weeks, I think that all will be well by the wedding. After the wedding, I will hopefully be able to work hard to get those last pounds off by the end of the summer. (I can't believe that I just put that in writing, but now that I have I am really going to go for it!)

*In case you were wondering what some of these activities were: both boys were sick one week, Joel's spring program, Joel's last day of school, Evan's second field trip of the year, Evan's field day, Evan's final awards day, Evan's birthday, Evan's last day of school, Evan's birthday party, visitors at our house (extended and short visits - not bad things by any means, but just out of the routine), a day trip to Granbury, and maybe more that I can't remember right now. Again, a lot of these things were really good, but I just got out of a routine with the variety of activities.

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