Thursday, September 23, 2010

Peanut Butter Balls

I have been talking about this recipe a lot, so I wanted to share it with everyone.  I decided this might be the easiest way.  I love this recipe and it is great for after school, lunch, or an after-workout snack.  Everybody in my family loves them, too!

Today I made a couple of changes.  First, I used agave nectar instead of honey.  If you do this, I would recommend using less than the recipe calls for.  Secondly, I put in a liberal splash of milk and decreased the amount of the powdered milk slightly.  I thought they were a little dry last time and you definitely had to let them thaw to eat them.  I was trying to alleviate those issues.

So, without further adieu - the recipe:

Peanut Butter Balls

for approx. 100
for approx. 50
for approx. 25

2 c. honey or agave
1 c. honey or agave
½ c. honey or agave
3 c. creamy peanut butter
1 ½ c. creamy peanut butter
¾ c. creamy peanut butter
5 c. dry milk powder
2 ½ c. dry milk powder
1 ¼ c. dry milk powder
6 c. quick oats
3 c. quick oats
1 ½ c. quick oats

Mix all together with hand mixer. Form into balls with hands and freeze on waxed paper lined cookie sheets until hardened. Store in freezer in ziploc bags.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Injuries ... aaaaaaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

So, when I said that last week's "test" would not be the last one I would face, I didn't know how quickly my next test would be coming.

I was feeling bad on Sunday, it seems, because I was getting a sinus/upper respiratory/bronchial infection. As it moved into my chest (on Tuesday), I realized that I would need to take some time off from exercising. So, I went to the doctor on Tuesday to get loaded up on medicine and try to cut my "off time". Unfortunately it took longer for the medicine to kick in than I thought it would and I was not able to go back to the gym until Friday. I tried running, but for some reason (maybe not stretching) I messed up my lower leg and the back of my knee - on what is supposed to be my good leg. Saturday I tried doing water aerobics, and while I finished the class and got a good workout, my leg hurt again. By last night it was hurting quite badly. Yesterday and today I loaded up on ibuprofen, and today I started using "menthol patches" (which are a lot like Icy Hot patches). They seem to be helping. I had hoped to get in another workout today but decided in the end that rest was best. Tomorrow I might try an elliptical and/or the bike. I want to get something in, but I don't want to injure my leg any more!

So, that is this week's update. I basically had to take a week off of the Couch to 5K, but am really hoping that I can pick it back up this week.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get going so that I can hear my husband and 4-year-old son's concert ...

UPDATE ... the concert has ended and you can read about it here

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A test

So today was a test of sorts for me. I was sore from painting, my head is stuffed (from paint fumes, allergies, weather changes, or some combo), and I really just wanted to take a nap and stay home. Since we were working on the house yesterday, though, I didn't get in my last day of Couch to 5K training for the week. So, today was a test for me. Do I skip it or suck it up and do it anyway. I am glad to be able to say that today I passed the test. (I wouldn't normally go to the gym on a Sunday, but this was an unusual week.)

I also noticed this week that working out inspires me to make better food choices. I kind of thought it would be the opposite - that since I worked out I could "justify" a few more slips. Instead, I think about how I don't want to undo all that hard work.

Now, I would like to say that this will be the last such test, but I know in my heart that it will not be. I just hope that I can keep persevering - to make it through the 5K and to make it to a healthier me.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's good to be sore!

And for the right reasons!

My first two weeks at the gym have been very effective for me. I have almost finished my first two weeks of Couch to 5K! I was supposed to finish today, but painting and moving furniture got in the way of my plans. Now I am planning to go tomorrow.

I also had two personal training sessions. The first one was a beating that I didn't even finish. I threw in the towel (or would have if I had remembered to bring it). That appointment was cardio with the head trainer. I couldn't believe that all of the stuff he had me doing was supposed to be for beginners! I had eaten about an hour before I went, which was apparently not enough because I thought I was going to throw up - for real. I also thought I might pass out a time or two. According to the heart rate monitor I was wearing I burned over 300 calories in about 30 minutes, though.

My second session was with a girl who might end up being my regular trainer. We did 30 minutes of strength training after I finished my c25k for that day. I did much better with her! I actually finished the exercises - 3 sets of each. I have been feeling all of those muscles that I am not sure I had ever worked out before, too.

Then we painted two bedrooms Friday. I am not sure if that helped me to be less sore from the workout or made me more sore. It did make me more tired! Steve finished the trim today and then we put the rooms back together. This included hanging new blinds, a new curtain rod, and a new mirror in our room. We still have the bathroom to re-paper and re-decorate (lights and mirrors) but that and the third bedroom will wait for another weekend. We are officially done and now we are going to get some much-needed rest! Right after I take some more ibuprofen ...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Back on track ... or the treadmill, actually

This week Steve and I joined a gym. I am so excited!!!

I have been two times so far and gotten good workouts both times. I started the Couch to 5K program and it is going well. Tomorrow I will finish the first day of it and then spend some time in the pool and hot tub (at least that is my plan). I have heard great things from everyone who has completed this program and since I started this week I should finish the program in time to run in Will's Run in November.

I have been cooking healthier this week, too, I think. I have made some goodies from The Sneaky Chef for after-school snacks that have been well-received. I made some more purees this morning to re-stock my freezer, too.

So, I am feeling some positive momentum, and am looking forward to continuing down this road!