Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's good to be sore!

And for the right reasons!

My first two weeks at the gym have been very effective for me. I have almost finished my first two weeks of Couch to 5K! I was supposed to finish today, but painting and moving furniture got in the way of my plans. Now I am planning to go tomorrow.

I also had two personal training sessions. The first one was a beating that I didn't even finish. I threw in the towel (or would have if I had remembered to bring it). That appointment was cardio with the head trainer. I couldn't believe that all of the stuff he had me doing was supposed to be for beginners! I had eaten about an hour before I went, which was apparently not enough because I thought I was going to throw up - for real. I also thought I might pass out a time or two. According to the heart rate monitor I was wearing I burned over 300 calories in about 30 minutes, though.

My second session was with a girl who might end up being my regular trainer. We did 30 minutes of strength training after I finished my c25k for that day. I did much better with her! I actually finished the exercises - 3 sets of each. I have been feeling all of those muscles that I am not sure I had ever worked out before, too.

Then we painted two bedrooms Friday. I am not sure if that helped me to be less sore from the workout or made me more sore. It did make me more tired! Steve finished the trim today and then we put the rooms back together. This included hanging new blinds, a new curtain rod, and a new mirror in our room. We still have the bathroom to re-paper and re-decorate (lights and mirrors) but that and the third bedroom will wait for another weekend. We are officially done and now we are going to get some much-needed rest! Right after I take some more ibuprofen ...

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