Monday, March 29, 2010

Keep pressing on...

Despite my sprained foot, I managed to get a workout in today.  I focused on my abs and think that I worked them pretty good.  Sometime before the workout I began having a pain in my upper back.  I don't know if I injured it last night or want, but it hurt and felt like it was about to "catch".  I persevered and did the workout, and I think it might have helped to loosen that sore spot in my back.  It is feeling better now.

I also weighed myself today and it seemed that some of the weight had come back.  Not good news!  I want to get discouraged by this, but I am going to keep going.  Keep pressing on - even with a still-recovering tailbone, a sprained foot, tight calves (probably because of the foot injury and/or compensating for it), and a sore back.  Don't think about the injuries or pains, just think about the prize that is waiting and keep pressing on!

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