Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting into rhythm

I am glad to be able to report that my working out has settled into something of a routine.  I have been able to get at least 3 good workouts in each of these last few weeks.  I would like to get in 4-5, and am working to that.  So far the routine looks like this:
Monday - Zumba class
Tuesday - 1 hour of personal training
Wednesday - Zumba class
Thursday - 1 hour of personal training
Friday - spin class
Weekends - playing with the family

Of course, there will be days when I can't make one of those things.  For example, tonight Joel has a program at his school and I can't miss that, of course.  But there's plenty of opportunities that should get some good workouts in each week.

Eating is ... okay.  I am trying to find some new, healthy meals to shake things up.  The whole family is not on board, but they will join us or be really hungry.  I am trying to get some healthier snacks going, too.  Coffee is still a "staple" in my daily diet.  I am trying to cut down on the amount of sugar in each cup, though.

We seem to be getting more settled each day, and I am glad that I am settling back into a healthy routine.  I just need to remember to not feel too settled, or complacent, in this journey.

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